Well hello again :)


After many requests from friends and family, the blog is back! Thank you for wanting to read it and SO sorry for the long hiatus.

Let me explain what happened here…

So the blog got majorly spammed in August, and I am trying to figure out exactly how to stop that. My technology savvy(thank goodness) man and I have looked at it a few times and are still trying to figure out what to do about it. So that’s what started this very large, 5 month, semester long hiatus.

Here’s what I’m going to try to figure out, and I really appreciate your patience. Right now I’m taking 20 hours, have a church job, and have a few other activities that are needing my focus at the moment, but I would really like to try to make this space more permanent. I really enjoy blogging and it is my goal to make it fairly consistent. While I figure out this balance, I may be a bit random with my posting. I’ll let you know about a posting schedule when I get to a point where I can make that happen!

Thank you again for your patience. Also, I am so touched and honored that you guys like/read the blog! Thank you!

For today, I just want to give a few updates on things that have happened over the last handful months. I’ll give more detail in the coming posts on these things. Let me know what you guys want to hear about!

10 things that I should have written about in the last 5 months:

1. I applied and auditioned for graduate school! Yup, after all of my indecision, I decided to stay on the insane music train. Interestingly, I was rejected at all but one of the classical/opera programs I applied to, but invited to audition for musical theater).

2. I switched over to musical theater! As many of you know, almost all of the work I have been hired for is in that field. All the companies I have worked for, roles I have landed, etc. Interestingly, I was invited to audition after a last minute decision to send in videos/recordings to musical theatre programs…and unlike the classical programs, the MT programs were the ones that invited me to audition. So, I can now announce that I have officially gone over to the dark side!

3. My family spent the Holiday’s in Pennsylvania. What a fun time! I took an audition/ lessons in the City a couple times which I really enjoyed. My Aunt Becky gave all of the cousins sunglasses this year so we obviously needed to pose in them.

4. My mom and I took a totally wacko trip to Boston so that I could audition at Boston Conservatory. It was a hilarious chain of events getting there due to weather, etc. Thanks to my amazing mom who schlepped around with me this break on my grad school adventures. It was so nice to have someone to travel with! While we were in Boston, my mom and I also got to have lunch with some of Michael’s wonderful friends who are now living there.

boston with mom

Boston Friends

5. I survived Math and Political Science, both of which I hated. It’s the small accomplishments, right?

6. Our friends, Sarah and Taylor had a beautiful baby girl, Kate! Here are some pics from our post baby Baby Shower since Kate surprised everyone a little sooner than expected!

sip and seebaby shower

7. I had a couple good friends get married! SO exciting and crazy that that is starting to happen! Congrats Brittany and Stephen!

8. I got to see my awesome girlfriends over Christmas break! Missing you! And missing those friends who I didn’t cross paths with!


rhemarhema lights

9. HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING THE BACHELOR?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I had a couple friends over to watch it this week over wine and chipotle. I am so depressed that crazy Ashley is gone! Anybody else finding that the casting was really weird this season? They’re either total wife material or placed there for our own enjoyment. There are maybe 3 girls who he could end up marrying, but the rest are like…how did you get a spot on the show? As Michael D’Onofrio would say “the entertainment value is extremely high”.

10. As most of you know, I got engaged on Christmas! Thank you, everyone, for your sweet words and for sharing in our excitement! We are really happy! No one is interested in hearing a sappy rant about how I feel about my fiancé (I will never get used to that word), but I feel so honored to be marrying my best friend, closest confidant, and greatest love. It’s been over a month and none of it feels real, but I love this guy with all of my heart.

I’m sure there will be a lot of posting on this as we start planning a wedding, which I have discovered is A LOT of work. So far, we have an engagement shoot on March 1st, and….drumroll….a venue for June 4th, 2016! See you there :)