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Hey ya’ll! What a week it has been. Sorry I have been a little quiet around here!

For today’s What I Ate Wednesday, I’m going to keep things short and sweet as I am still in recovery mode. M and I had a glorious weekend in T-town visiting our families in Oklahoma for Easter. I am currently eating a chocolate bunny as I type this courtesy of my momma!

I arrived home on Sunday night around 11:30 by myself from the airport. The hubby made a pit stop on the way home in Dallas so it was just me back at our place. I walked out of my uber into my absurdly secure apartment complex (you literally have to buzz in through every single door, there’s security, nice neighborhood, etc), said hello to the doorman, grabbed a package, some mail and headed up to my apartment. 60 seconds after walking in, knocking began on my front door. I thought I must have dropped something and that the doorman had kindly brought it up. Still though, 11:30 seemed a little late for that. The knocking continued and became progressively more aggressive. I called my front desk to make sure it was someone from our management team trying to contact me.

The response I received was “I”m at the front desk…stay where you are. I’m calling 911”. The fact that I did not answer my door = Jesus.

Long story short, intruders had entered the building and started banging on my door in an attempt to break in, and I spent the evening locked in my bathroom ready to knock out anyone who might break down the door with a toilet plunger.

Let’s just say I may never sleep again.

I am safe, sound, and completely okay. As it turns out 3 men managed to break the lock on an outside door to the complex and slip through a crevice in a fence within the stairwell. From there they were able to make their way onto my hall. All of our floor to ceiling windows were open so they must have seen me go into the house and knew it would be a good door to knock on/ open if it wasn’t locked.

Incredibly, I locked my front door the second I walked in. And let me tell you, I do not always do this. Jesus again.

And so forgive my briefness this week as I am adjusting to daily life and trying not to jolt every time I hear any sort of noise in our home. The hubby is home again and I am very, very happy about that. I sleep with knives now so anyone who tries to mess with me better watch out πŸ™‚

Coffee and Coconut Milk

Coconut Chia Seed Cereal with Coconut Milk, Peanut Butter, and Frozen Raspberries

2 baby apples
Toasted Whole Wheat Pita, Parmesan Cheese, Turkey, Lettuce – this was HUGE and so good.Β 
Tons of Almond Butter and an Apple
half of a dark chocolate bunny πŸ™‚
Sooooo many chips and salsa. This is my favorite chip and salsa at the moment. Plus a large unpictured glass of rosΓ© πŸ™‚
Romaine, Roasted Maple Carrots, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, and Eggs. The one on the left is mine as I wasn’t hungry enough for 2 eggs due to the chip over load πŸ™‚ Yum.Β 
Happy Wednesday to you people! Stay safe!
xoxo, B

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