WIAW #5: A Day in the Life

Lifestyle, Thoughts on Life, WIAW / Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

I often show you all what I eat all day, but I don’t always show you what I do!

Welcome to my messy, imperfect, and often strange little world. This is a day in the life with me!

I wake up right around 5:45am to head into work at 7. Yes. Early. While I am not angry in the wee hours of the morning, I’m still not particularly good at waking up and being on time. Hehe. #notamorningperson

So I wake up, shower, put my pajamas back on (try it), and start boiling water for my coffee..

Then I sometimes dry my hair, and sometimes put on makeup. Emphasis on sometimes. I am so bad about wearing makeup most of the time, but when I do it consists of a little liquid foundation, mascara, and tinted chapstick. I’m trying to emulate my little sister and be a little more glamorous with my makeup, but sleep usually wins over glamour.

Then I throw my coffee in a thermos, pack my lunch, and try to sit down and read my Bible for 5 or 10 minutes so that I slow down for a quick second. I am so bad about rushing around in the morning and it’s not good for my stress levels. Right before I head out, I make my breakfast and lunch and pack both for work. Today, I was starving when I woke up so I drank a baby cup of smoothie at home and a big cup once I got to work. Starting my day at 7 feels more palatable when I can start out by checking emails, drinking coffee, and eating something yummy. This was spinach, almond milk, cashew butter, chia seeds, banana, and pineapple.

I work for a education technology company in downtown San Diego. Most of my day is spent in meetings with clients, emailing, and calling new users. I had a couple of meetings super early this morning (one before 7am ahhhhhh) and feel grateful for the magic that is caffeine.

I usually eat lunch right at noon and I’m known around the office for my eating habits. My coworkers are constantly asking about my nut butter of choice for the day or why I’m eating the head off of a chocolate bunny – you never know what you might see from me, but it will for sure be weird. I prefer eating lots of snacks throughout the day rather than eating a humongous meal that makes me feel tired.

First snack at 10am – big handfuls of this trail mix.

My second snack happened at 11am. I loooove berry season.

Lunch was a sandwich on this cracked sourdough bread that is cracked – cheese, avocado, microgreens, turkey.

Also plz enjoy my llama socks today. Yes, I wore these to work.

Since my day starts so early and I work through lunch, I generally head home between 3 and 4. I usually have a little snack and today was cheese and crackers.

I probably have a glass of wine 5 days a week. We are really into wine in the D’Onofrio household. Michael and I usually catch up and share our days over a drink when I get home and it is one of the highlights of my day. Tonight was an extra large glass….(this is quite a few sips in) as I waded through this massive pile of laundry. Ugh. Whyyyyyyyy do I procrastinate.

Sitting down to do a little writing post-laundry 🙂

I like this day in particular for WIAW because I think it’s important to notice that my life isn’t always plant-based everything. Sometimes my world is heavier on leafy greens and others it’s a day full of meat and dairy. Balance. We ate this mongolian beef and coconut rice for dinner. I’ve got to get the recipe up for you guys, but it is so easy and only has a handful on ingredients.

We ate dinner, I caught up on the phone with my girlfriend Bib, chatted with my mom, caught half of Dancing with the Stars (new fave show), and then headed to bed around 1o. I wish I had about 1o extra hours in the day, but alas…..life.

Hope you guys are having an awesome week. I’ve got a little life/career update that’s been on my heart coming your way tomorrow.

xo, B

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