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Happy Wednesday, ya’ll. Hope I’m finding all of you well!

I’ve got my usual Wednesday eats for you and some intermittent thoughts on weight loss. This topic is constantly popping up in my daily life and the way it has taken over our world amazes me. So I have a few thoughts I’d like to share.

Morning Coffee (insert praise hands emoji)

Smoothie – Banana, strawberries, raspberries, cashew butter, chia seeds, almond milk

One of my biggest concerns as a parent someday (not pregnant) is that my kiddos don’t identify food as good or bad. Might sound strange being a passionate lover of healthy food, but I’m more concerned about healthy minds. To me, balance comes from a healthy mentality and that is so, so tricky to maintain in this world with constant weight loss chatter everywhere you turn. I see beautiful people “allowing themselves to have a burger” because they’ve only eaten salads for dinner this week and i hate. that. mentality. Agh. Been there.

Bites of cheese because it was being passed around at work. Holla. 

It doesn’t matter where I am, but as I sit at a restaurant, my office, or just hear someone walking by on the phone, I can’t help but notice conversations about lean cuisines, weight watchers, logging calories into an app….I just hate hearing people feel so trapped by food. Having a past with restrictive eating myself, I know this feeling well and escaping it is so hard. Why? Because it is what our world preaches.

*Just to clarify, for those of you who have had success through any sort of dieting that has resulted in a healthy relationship with food, I applaud you. I only mean to share my experiences and musings 🙂 *

I constantly hear carbs are bad, fat is bad, calories are bad (?!?!?!). What is good anymore? Even if I eat too many apples apparently that’s bad because of carbs and sugar and whatever else (someone legit commented on the carbs I consume from fruit..?!?!?!). People get all worked up when they see how much food I can eat and don’t understand why weight isn’t something I struggle with. And yes, in case you hadn’t noticed, I am a good eater 🙂

Bur there are a few reasons why I can eat well and maintain a healthy body and it all comes down to a good relationship with food. And let me tell you, it has not always been that way for me.

Handfuls of trail mix

This curry recipe I posted last week with jasmine rice. Pro tip: cook your jasmine rice in a can of full fat coconut milk. SO GOOD.

Food and I have not always been friends, and I’ve tried every diet out there over the years. I’ve been low carb, low fat, low food (avoid this one please)…and lemme tell you I did not thrive on any of these diets. Here’s my theory: eating restrictions are not easily maintainable because they create anxiety in social situations and a lack of contentment which is why they don’t work long term. What I found personally, was that when I took all the restrictions away and focused on nourishing my body, my weight problems went away, but so did a whoooooole lotta stress. Please ask my husband about the low fat low carb diet summer of 2011…….we refer to that as my evil days. So if you’re feeling trapped by diets, I invite you to experiment with letting go. It is not easy, I know.

Cheese stick and an apple for snacking purposes 🙂

One thing that is hard for many about embracing this freedom is that there is no formula. The reason I had embraced diet plans over the years was because there was supposed to be an answer to my problem. A “quick fix”. And I looooove a quick fix to all of my problems. The problem with these quick fixes is that there are chains that come along with them. Yes, I lost weight with my low carb diets, but I also began to struggle personally even though I was thinner. Social situations became overwhelming for me, my anxiety skyrocketed, and hunger pangs wouldn’t ever go away. So for me, the quick fix was exactly that….a quick fix. My long-term success cam from a complete lifestyle shift, and this transition took a lot of time and patience. But this transition did come with long term freedom from my shackles, and I wish that for all of you.

Dark Chocolate with almonds.

Dinner was salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, chicken cooked with olives and tomatoes, roasted brussel sprouts.

I understand that a change like that feel so huge. Letting go of diet plans is scary stuff! For those of us who like routine, order, and a means to an end (me), food freedom does not come easily. For those of you wanting a little taste of a formula, these are two of the things that I helped me transition from restrictive eating to food freedom.

  1. Eat everything. Restricting foods make you want them more! And for me, leads to overeating, binging, etc. Enjoy all foods!
  2. Focus on nutrients, rather than calories, fat, carbs, etc. Is your body receiving all the nutrients that it needs to function? We can talk more about nutrients in detail in another post, but it is seriously hard to get them all into your day! Make sure you’re eating enough!

This is the chocolate btw for those of you wondering. More after dinner!

So all this to say, if you are like me, and have done every diet on the planet, gotten the results, and then bounced right back to where you started because it wasn’t maintainable, there is something better in the weight loss world! Focussing on nourishment and overall health both mental and physical was ultimately the answer to taking my shackles off and being free.

If you’re looking for other bloggers who talk about food freedom, I recommend checking out The Real Life RD and Hummusapien who are both registered dietitians. They both talk a lot about taking off the chains, enjoying all foods, and focussing on nourishment. I found a lot of comfort reading their blogs in high school and well as my early college years and I navigated this new way of living my life!

See you guys tomorrow 🙂

xo, B

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