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Hey ya’ll. I’m back to share our weekend in Nashville with you guys today. Such a glorious-perfect-weather-good-people-filled weekend.

There is so much to do in Nashville that we’ve barely scratched the surface. Shows, concerts, or just hanging out at a bar are all great options because there is music everywhere! It is kind of amazing how many country musicians are walking those streets. We, however, were in Nashville to hang out with our friends! It makes me sad that we live so far apart from each other!


I mentioned in my last post that our buddies purchased a STUNNING home in The Nations neighborhood. As a previous Realtor, if you’re looking to buy a home that is going to make you some cashies, this neighborhood has restaurant after restaurant popping up and really seems to be booming. I think it’s an amazing place to live.

We started Friday evening out with a housewarming party at their new home with incredible beer brewed by Austin (insert praise hands here) and tons of great food! I cannot remember the last time I stayed up until 2am playing beer pong, ping pong, and corn hole, but it felt like being back in college except that our conversations were centered around or jobs, kids, and dogs hahaha. Ohhh adulting.

Saturday was a nice slow morning with coffee from across the street, donuts at home, brunch from Frothy Monkey (go there), and a quiet run by myself. In the past I haven’t loved to run because it’s a time to think and feel and I prefer not to be left alone with my thoughts, fears, and worries as someone who struggles with anxiety. I don’t know if anyone else struggles with this, but I have trouble escaping my mind when I provide myself with time to think – running, flying, driving, etc. I’ve been talking about this lately with my dear counselor in Dallas and am trying to embrace more soul-feeding movement if that makes any sense and not be afraid of it. I’m not quite ready for the mindfulness of yoga yet, but running with headphones in focussing my thoughts on positive things has been helping already.

We spent that afternoon and evening walking around on 12th exploring shops, eating popsicles (Las Paletas), and drinking more beer!

That evening we ventured out to dinner, visited a fellow resident’s new home (Allison is an opthomology resident at Vandy!) went to grab a drink at a bar, and then headed home for more sleeps. You know your getting older when you get over 8 hours of sleep the previous night and are all still ready to head to bed at 10:30……hahaha. We totally had plans to go out on Broadway, but we all got too sleepy. For those of you who are wanting to go out on the town and hear some live music, Michael is obsessed with this place called The Stage!

On our final day we started out our day with some brunch a Red Bicycle Coffee & Crêpes. For some very strange reason, I never think to eat crêpes and I just love them. #forthewin

*he looks thrilled that I am photographing him, doesn’t he?*

We spent the afternoon at a local brewery, walked around Broadway, visited this beautiful bridge with an amazing view of the city, and found ourselves some hot chicken (!!!!!) which is fantastic. I had never experienced hot chicken before, but for those of you wondering it is half of a fried chicken with hot sauce tossed into the batter. My stomach doesn’t love super spicy so I went with regular friend and was a fan. Our friends recommend Hattie B’s  for any of you visiting!

And then we flew home, back to reality, to begin the work week. Thank you Allison and Austin for your hospitality, willingness to be our tour guides, and your friendship! We love you!

10/10 would recommend going to Nashville for a weekend getaway and finding amazing friends who live there 🙂

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