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I’m an Uptown Dallas girl newly relocated back in Texas after a year spent in San Diego. I graduated with a degree in vocal performance from the University of North Texas and am a musical theater nerd and early music enthusiast.

I love food (who does’t) and am passionate about concocting healthy meals that are nutrient dense and made of wholesome ingredients. My goal is always balance. I eat everything from green smoothies and kale salads to grilled cheese and coffee ice cream.

I married my high school sweetheart in March of 2016. We met when I was in 6th grade playing in orchestra together. He was also my mom’s cello student and I made sure to always be around the house during his lesson times…thanks, mom 🙂 He’s the greatest friend I have ever had.

What is Birdseed and Birdsong?

Birdseed and Birdsong is a lifestyle blog where I share a mishmash of my life in the form of recipes, stories about marriage, life pursuing a music career, natural beauty swaps, fashion, home decor, and my journey as a servant of the Lord.

Why I started Birdseed and Birdsong…

Birdseed and Birdsong was born as a blog about my passion for nutrition and my life pursuing a professional singing career, but it has transformed into a lifestyle blog that touches on my many and diverse interests, and most importantly, the honesty and hilarity of real life.

For those of you who are new here, these are my initial words in response to launching this site below:

Having experienced challenges with disordered eating, I have felt a need to openly share my story with others in hopes that it would provide peace, guidance, comfort, understanding, and freedom. To clarify, disordered eating is not an eating disorder, but abnormal eating habits and behavior. After a significant weight loss as a woman in my early college years, I found myself in a severe cycle of extremely restrictive eating in order to maintain my weight loss. This restrictive eating often resulted in binges that left me feeling guilty, upset, and alone. This psychologically draining lifestyle kept me from doing the things I loved. Spending time with friends became stressful because I struggled to find things I could eat at social gatherings and I felt judged for the food choices I made in order to maintain my weight.

I found peace with my restrictive eating through blogs like this one as I discovered that I was not alone with my challenges, and I came to realize that I had allowed food to have a power over my life that it just plain did not deserve! Health is relative, and let me tell you, avoiding social situations in order to “eat healthily” is not healthy.

To me, healthy means much more than eating well. Healthy is spending time with friends, having a glass of wine (or two), not getting out of pajamas, going for a run, taking time for prayer, eating a plate full of veggies, AND a bacon cheeseburger with extra bacon please.

Food is food. It does not define our value or worth. It is a gift to be enjoyed and not used to abuse ourselves. If you are struggling with similar challenges, know that you are not alone on your journey. Most importantly, know that you are allowed and intended to walk freely in an abundance of grace and mercy.

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